About Albert Einstein

About Albert Einstein
  • Einstein also known as father of Modern Physics.
  • Got Noble Prize in 1921 for the invention of Solar Cell. (Solar cell is a device which can convert Solar Energy/light energy to Electrical Energy)
  • Designed photo electric equation.
  • Expressed a relation between mass and energy i.e E = mC2
  • Famous for Special theory of relativity. He also gave details about general theory of relativity.
  • Along with Debye,  Einstein explained about variation of Specific heat of the solids with temperature which is Einstein-Debye theory.
  • Along with SN Bose, Einstein explained about integer spin particles i.e about Bosons / photons, as Bose-Einstein statistics.
Albert Einstein details

     Best caption given by Einstein
                   - Compounding is the 8th Wonder.


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