Questions on Electric charges and fields


Question: In damped weather, automobile ignition failure happens. Give the reason?

Answer: Generally, the spark plug's surface accumulates a film of dirt. The surface dirt hygroscopic hence attracts moisture from the air. Therefore, in humid weather, plugs become quasi-conductor. 
So ignition failure happens.

Question: Why a charged body can attract a piece of paper?

Answer: A piece of paper is a dielectric. When a positively charged body is brought near to piece of paper, atoms of paper get polarized (In the neutral body, charge separation as + and -) with the center of opposite charge of atoms coming closer to the charged body. So the charged body can attract a piece of paper.

Question: A charged body can attract another uncharged body? Explain why?

Answer: Yes, because when a charged body is brought very near to an uncharged body, an opposite induced charge will develop across the uncharged body. The therefore charged body can attract an uncharged body.

Question: Explain how the whole excess charge of a body can transfer to another body? 

Answer: Yes, if the charged body inside a conductor and connected to the outer conducting body then the total charge will come to the outer body. Why because the charge will reside on the surface of the charged body?

Question: Can two charged bodies of the same type of charge on them attract each other. Explain.

Answer: Yes, a charged body can attract another same kind of charged body if one of the charged bodies is more than the other. Due to the induced charge effect of heaver charge on other(smaller charge), a smaller charged body will get the opposite charge on it. Hence heavier charged bodies can attract the same kind of charge in this case.


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