BORN IN THE YEAR: 17th January 1706.

DIED ON: 17th April 1790.

Benjamin Franklin details

       Benjamin Franklin was an American Scientist. He is not only a Scientist but also an Inventor, Political Philosopher, Statesman, and diplomat. He involved in the development of the constitution so he is also called one of the fathers of the United States. Benjamin showed more interest in the Chess game. He did more research on electricity. His father is a small businessman and poor. Even then with his hard work and innovative thinking he becomes more popular at that time.

Benjamin Contributions in Science:

  • He studied about thunders and electric charges in the clouds.
  • Benjamin designed Lightning Conductors to save the big buildings form the thunders. Still, we are using lightning conductors as an earthing wire (metal wire) to save from the thunders.
  • He invented a wood burning Stove.
  • Benjamin supported the wave theory of light proposed by Huygen.
  • Benjamin identified the cooling of the evaporation of the liquids.
  • Franklin designed bifocal eyeglasses, still, we are using in spectacles. 
  • He did research on different places of living and identified that more diseases will spread at the places where no proper ventilation and light.
  • Benjamin had become a member of the Royal Society of London in the year 1756.
  • He got doctorates from the University of St. Andrews in the year 1759 and Oxford University in the year 1960.
  • Benjamin also involved in the freedom fight to get freedom for the United States.


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