Generate Electricity from Waste Water

To Generate Electricity from Waste Water 
in Multi-storied Buildings

      In the modern world, the lifestyle of human beings has changed a lot. A large number of people now live in multi-storied apartments. Each of these apartments uses a huge amount of water and leave it as wastewater to the drainage. We are suggesting to store this waste in the middle floor in tanks instead of leaving it to the drainage. This stored water when allowed to flow from a height will have enough kinetic energy to rotate the turbine and generate electricity. The electricity, thus, produced can be used common lights and elevators. Further, the water coming out of the turbine can be purified and reused in the toilets. The non-purified water can be soaked in the pits to increase the level of groundwater. The scarcity of power and water is felt in urban areas all over the world more so in developing countries. The suggested plan will enable us to solve the problem to some extent and used for generating electricity.

   This project is an idea to save ground level water. So we decided to keep the name to this project as JAL SWARAJ.


    The purpose of Jal Swaraj is mainly to save water and to overcome the demand for energy. Conserving water is important to save the world. Conserving water means using our water carefully, wisely. As every individual depends on water for livelihood, we must learn how to keep our limited supply of pure water and away from pollution. 

     The purpose behind the development or construction of Jal Swaraj is to conserve, reuse, and recycle the wastewater released from a multi-storied building and also to recharge the groundwater level. We are the brink of major water and energy crises. We need to act before its too late.

  The principle of the turbine used to generate electricity is that the potential energy of the water stored at great heights in the dam is converted into kinetic energy by allowing the water to flow at high speed. Then the kinetic energy of flowing water used to generate electricity.

Working of 'Jal Swaraj'
   We have taken an apartment of 15 floors for example. 
We have taken the 5th floor as the storage for the wastewater coming from the 5 -15 floors. The collected wastewater was sent to a tank at the 4th floor through the pipeline in which filters are arranged. So that the water is semi filtered .the semi filtered water is stored in a tank on the 4th floor. with this semi filtered water, this semi filtered water was allowed to fall a turbine from a height where the water will have enough kinetic energy to rotate the turbine to generate electricity at the ground floor. The turbine is rotated by the force of water producing dc current. Greater the force of water, the greater will be the output voltage


Rate of flow of water: The cross-sectional area of the water pipe and height of the water level will decide the rate of flow. The generated electricity can be used as common lighting and gardening purposes.
Later the semi filtered water which is used to generate electricity was sent to the treatment plant at the ground floor through the pipeline at which the heavy metals can be divided and also by using many methods we can purify the semi filtered water.
   After treating the semi filtered water we can send the water to the soak pit to recharge the groundwater level. On the top of the apartment arrangement of rainwater harvesting by sending the rainwater directly to the treatment plant and then to soak pit.
    If there is an excess flow of water we can directly allow the excess water to the drainages. This must be done on a large scale, such that in the future each and every multi-storied building has such a system in place so that all water comes out of the ground, goes back again.

    We have constructed a building using plywood. we have placed a tank at the 5th floor to store the wastewater. Then we have kept pipes to the 4th floor were filters are kept between them where the wastewater is semi filtered. On the 4th floor, we placed a storage tank where the semi filtered water was storied. Then we allowed the semi filtered water to fall on a turbine which is connected to dc motor to generate electricity. From that, we have sent that semi filtered water to the treatment plant to have proper ph value before sending that water to the soak pit. By this, we can recharge the groundwater level.


   We can arrange this kind of equipment in multistoried buildings, offices, schools, etc.. 
we can make this Jal Swaraj conserve the water on a large scale.
This kind of soak pits and water treatment plants can be used in individual houses to recharge the groundwater level.

   We conclude that with the help of this swaraj we use, conserve, reuse, and recycle the water.
We should add an activity in the daily schedule, to conserve water because we are using it.

   We are suggesting everyone and govt give building plans to the apartments which have recycling plants like JAL SWARAJ.



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