Born On: 27th March 1845.

Died On: 10th February 1923.

    Wilhelm Rontgen born in Lennes, Germany. His father is a farmer and his mother is a homemaker. He studied in Holand.
details about Rontgen
He did Ph.D. at Zurich University, Switzerland. After his Ph.D. he joined as a Physics professor at Fritzberg University. While working in this university he accidentally identified X-rays. For this discovery, he got Noble prize in the year 1901. He the first Physicist who got Noble Prize in Physics.

         Very high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (more frequency than UV rays) 

Applications of X - rays:
  X - rays are having plenty of uses/applications. Those are

  • To identify flaws in the heavy machines.
  • To identify the uniform thickness of metal sheets, tennis balls, etc.
  • Using to remove the stones in the kidneys.
  • Using in cancer treatment.
  • To identify the structure of the crystals.
  • A useful tool in crystallography research.
  • Using X - rays in security systems at airports.


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